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I'd do anything to go home.
I'm so tired of living in this world.
Day in, and day out, it's the exact same thing.
It's like Taco Bell, it's all the same ingredients, just arranged in a thousand different ways.
There's nothing different here. It's the same elements, the same dirt, same trees, same ocean, cities, colors. The exact same things over and over.
All of my days are exactly the same, I wake up, I've gained weight again, I cry, I try to starve, I end up binge to fix the physical and emotional pain, and the cycle repeats itself.
I look around and it's Earth.
Earth, Earth, Earth.
Traveling does nothing for me. I'm seeing plants and leaves, different cities and sights, but they're all the same.
The Earth is keeping me hostage.
I'm trapped inside this disgusting body, inside this world that keeps spinning.
Nothing is familiar. I look around and feel like nothing is real, like I'm in a place that I've never seen before, although I've existed for years in it, looking at the same things over, and over again.
I've never been happy here.
I'm always waiting for it to end, and it never does, no matter how many times I try.
I'm always waiting.
I'll never be able to go home again. I'm on this planet with only one other person I know.
I'll never see home again, and I feel so alone,
I have nothing.
I just want to go home.


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